ORSP Forms

Completed forms should be sent to orsp@osteo.wvsom.edu, unless otherwise indicated on the form.

Necessary forms are available below in Adobe .pdf or MS Word format:

  • ORSP-1 Research Initiation Request Form                                
    • This form is required to gain approval for research projects conducted by WVSOM.
    • Use this form when initiating a new research project with global specific aims.  There is no need to complete an additional ORSP-1 form when adding subjects, species, or interventions, if the general aims are the same.  Simply email the ORSP and describe the additional details.
    • To add or remove personnel from an approved research project, simply email the ORSP with the individual's name, role, and contact information (along with the approved research project ID).
    • For sponsored project applications (e.g. grants that are not research projects), there is no need to complete this form.
  • Intramural Grant Application
    • Use this form when submitting request for INTERNAL funds for research projects, along with an ORSP-1 form if the research project has not previously been approved.
    • Currently, intramural grant applications are due August 15, December 15, and April 15.
  • ORSP-3 Heads up Grant/Sponsored Project submission
    • This form is NOT required.  Rather, it is to give the ORSP a heads up on intended grant submissions, prior to the details being determined.
    • Use this form if you know in well in advance that you will be applying for a particular grant/award, but do not have a draft of the narrative or budget  to provide the office.
    • Again, this form is NOT required, but it is much appreciated so the ORSP staff can plan appropriately and ensure somebody is here during the 5 business days leading up to the award submission.
  • ORSP-5 Grant Internal Approval Form 
    • This form is a required form that must be completed prior to the ORSP submitting an EXTERNAL grant or sponsored project.
    • Submit this form with a complete budget and budget narrative at least 5 business days prior to the grant/award submission deadline, per Procedures for extramural submission on the Pre-Award page.
  • ORSP-6 Financial Interest Disclosure (SFID)  
    • This form is for non-WVSOM investigators/program directors or students
    • WVSOM employees should complete this form online at my.wvsom.edu under the "Researcher Conflict of Interest" link.
  • Non-Research Scholarly Activity Form (NRSA)
    • This form is to document non-research scholarly activity.  It is not required, but it is appreciated. Also, see the instructions below.
    • Use this prior to initiating a project to ensure it is being conducted appropriately and following all WVSOM policy and procedure.
    • Submitting this form PRIOR to initiating the project generally makes students eligible to request funding for travel/poster presentations, if funding is available.
    • This form includes a Determination of non-human subjects research request.
  • Request for Determination of Non-Human Subjects Research
    • Use this form if conducting non-research scholarly activity that involves human subjects or data from humans
    • The form is NOT required, but highly recommended as many journals and conferences want the IRB to have certified the project is not human subjects research