Cybersecurity Awareness Month


Use Strong Passwords

"Pump Up Your Password"

Think Before You Click

Phishing attacks are the #1 gateway to cyberattacks and pose as emails that entice users to reveal personal information. Suspicious emails and links should never be opened or clicked. Report phishing attempts to the Information Technology Department’s

"Think Before You Click"

Turn On Multi-Factor Authenication

Multi-Factor, or MFA for short, is a must have cybersecurity measure for an account that requires anyone to log in by making your prove your identity in multiple different ways. Some of these include: a fingerprint, or responding to a text message or a email verification code. Visit Duo Mobile App Reauthentication to learn more.

"Use Multi-Factor Authentication"

Keep Your Software Up To Date

Software companies release regular updates on their services to constantly improve security and solve issues. Keeping your softwares up to date helps close those gaps where cybercriminals are constantly trying to sneak in.

"Keep Your Passwords Up to Date"