Procedure for Requesting Payment of Certification, Licensure, or Dues

April 23, 2019

1. Purpose

The purpose of this procedure is to provide a process on when and how WVSOM may pay for a certification, license, or dues for an employee.

2. Applicability


This procedure applies to regular full and part-time employees.


WVSOM reserves the right to amend this procedure at any time, as necessary or appropriate.

3. General Provisions


Typically, WVSOM will not pay for employee certification, licensure, or dues.


An employee requesting WVSOM to pay for certification, licensure, or dues should submit a written request to the Vice President who oversees the employee's department budget.


Should the Vice President who oversees the department budget approve of the request, the Vice President should provide a written justification, including the funding source to the President.


Should WVSOM determine that payment for a license, certification, or dues is appropriate, the following stipulations will apply:


Only the President may approve payment of certification, licensure, or dues.


Obtaining the certification or license or payment of dues must be to the benefit of WVSOM.


Funds from student tuition or fees may not be used.


The President may require the employee to sign a payback agreement if the employee leaves WVSOM within a specified time period.