The Office of Assessment & Educational Development (OAED)

The Office of Assessment and Educational Development (OAED) promotes and supports innovation, quality and academic best practices within both the osteopathic undergraduate medical education and graduate medical education learning environments in coordination with administrators, faculty, staff and students.

OAED's core objectives are to be recognized locally and nationally for our innovative, progressive and collaborative strategies in support of the WVSOM community in the areas of curriculum design, teaching, program evaluation, assessment, faculty development, accreditation and continuous quality improvement efforts on the continuum from undergraduate medical education through graduate medical education.

The department includes the following areas:

Generic Student Course Evaluations

Year 1 Courses

636 Cardiopulmonary I-

692 Blood & Lymph-

645 Neuroscience I-

651 Gastrointestinal I-

644 Renal I-

681 Endo and Repro-

Year 2 Courses

744 BhM-

747 BLIB-

752 Repro & Urinary-

755 Neuroscience II-

756 Skin & MFP-