Applied: What’s Next?

We are excited you have applied to WVSOM! Thank you for your interest in our program. Please review the information below for details on what happens next. 

Review Our Admissions Requirements  

Make sure you review all of our admissions requirements so that you are aware of everything that is required. We will complete an initial review of applications that are verified through AACOMAS with official MCAT scores (within 3 calendar years of desired matriculation). 

Initial Review 

It typically takes anywhere between three to four weeks for a student to receive an initial review if they have submitted all required documents. The initial review involves determining if an applicant will receive our supplemental application. 

If we are unable to move the application forward in the process, the student will receive an email and can follow-up with Admissions for more specifics. 

Supplemental Application Completed, What Next?   

Once an applicant has completed the supplemental application, we review the application to make sure the applicant has had all required letters of recommendation submitted on their behalf (a D.O. physician letter & a pre-med faculty letter are both required).

If the applicant is missing one of these, we will let them know. We will not be able to move forward with the review until these letters are submitted. If we have all of the letters, we will move forward with reviewing the application as a whole. If we feel we need additional information or would like to see improvement an applicant can be "Deferred".

Otherwise, an applicant can remain in "Under Review" status. "Under Review" means your application is still being considered. The Admissions Office is constantly reviewing applications to see if an interview invitation can be extended to an applicant.

This process takes time, so continue to be patient. As seats open for an interview slot, we notify applicants if they have been offered the opportunity to fill that interview slot. This is an on-going process until all interview slots are filled and the interview season is over. Typically, we interview applicants from September through Mid-March.   

Decision Deferred 

If a student receives a Decision Deferred status, we are unable to make a decision on the application file at that time. The student can continue to send academic updates to AACOMAS and reach out to the admissions office with any additional information they would like added to their file. 

Invitation to Interview 

If a student is invited to interview, the student will be contacted with instructions.

There are additional forms that must be completed prior to the student arriving on campus and those details will be communicated to the student once the interview has been confirmed. Once a student has been invited to interview, they will need to submit the Supplemental Fee:

WV Residents: $40
Out-of-State Residents: $80  

Check Your Application Status

You can check your application status anytime by logging into your MyWVSOM account. 


Please review our Frequently Asked Questions, and always feel free to reach out to the Admissions team.