Emergency Messaging System (WVSOM Alert)

WVSOM Emergency Messaging System (WVSOM Alert) is a resource for faculty, staff and students to receive text message alerts from WVSOM about potential, developing, or existing emergencies.

The WVSOM Alert system allows the school to quickly communicate health and safety-related information through a combination of various communication methods.

In the event that information needs to be communicated to students and staff immediately, WVSOM will use several information delivery methods to make sure the pertinent information reaches you.

WVSOM Alert will be used solely for the purpose of alerting the WVSOM community in an emergency. These emergency notices will be delivered via phone calls, text messages to mobile devices, and e-mail.

All students, faculty and staff can manage their own contact information and choose the contact methods that they prefer.

Please note that emergency notifications will be limited to those related to health and safety concerns for WVSOM students, faculty and staff; or disruption of school functions due to severe weather, crime, or other concerns. These notices are also limited to situations or events within the boundaries of the WVSOM main campus in Lewisburg.

If an emergency occurs, the emergency management operations team, in consultation with the senior administration will determine the need for a WVSOM Alert message.

Questions About WVSOM Alert?

More information about the WVSOM Alert system can be found by reading the WVSOM Alert FAQ:

Sign Up Now or Check Status

Members of the WVSOM community can sign up or check the status of their WVSOM Alert messaging anytime: