WVSOM Statewide Campus

The State Wide Campus system at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine consists of seven regions across the state where third- and fourth-year medical students fulfill their clinical rotations in participating West Virginia hospitals.

The system is geared toward an enhanced curriculum that encourages students who become physicians to practice in West Virginia.

Each regional campus site provides structured programs for students through small group interactions, lectures and clinical case conferences. The Statewide Campus program has garnered more than 2500 preceptors who help to provide a stronger infrastructure for clinical and postgraduate training.

Localized Residency Programs Improve Educational Experience

WVSOM officials saw a need for a Statewide Campus system to ensure students were receiving the utmost educational experience, a more stable home life and more opportunities to complete their residency programs in the state.

Prior to the inception of the program, students were scattered across the U.S. for their clinical rotations. Through regional assistant deans and physicians, students gain a stronger clinical rotation experience from these mentors as well as enhance their learning through personal evaluations.

Inspiring Rural Doctors

The goal of the system is similar to WVSOM's mission to train students who will be inspired to become doctors in rural areas. Studies have shown that nearly 80 percent of physicians who complete their predoctoral medical training, internship or residency in a state remain in that state to practice medicine.

Other advantages of the statewide system include the opportunity for hospitals to recruit students in a residency program; medical education and residency directors get to know students on a long-term basis; and students and their families become more established in the community as well as take part in more ongoing community projects.

About 60 hospitals, clinics and medical centers across West Virginia participate in the Statewide Campus program.

Statewide Campus Sites

Statewide Campus sites are divided into seven geographical regions. View our Statewide Campus Site Map for more information.