COVID-19 Employee Updates

March 8, 2022 Updates

Mask status changes from required to encouraged. Please respect everyones indivdiual decision.

Personal responsibility becomes even more important to keep the campus safe with no mask mandate. If you are sick, stay home. Get tested before coming back to work. Wear a mask if coughing for any reason. It is each of our personal responsibility to keep each other safe and well.

February 15, 2022 Updates

The COVID Task Force met again this morning and we are excited to report that the COVID cases in West Virginia are trending down, including in Greenbrier County. We are now below the levels of the peak of the Delta surge, but not yet down to the low levels of last summer.

  • Continue to require a 10-day isolation before returning to work for anyone who is COVID positive.
  • Employees should continue to wear KN95, KF95 or well fitted surgical mask unless in a private office by themselves.

January 12, 2022 Updates

  • Mask mandate on campus now requires KN95, KF94 or well-fitting surgical mask.
  • Convert all group administrative meetings to virtual.
  • All on campus meetings need to include social distancing and masks.
  • Social distancing required in O'cafe, masks when not eating.

Archived Updates

August 16 Updated Guidelines

Students, Faculty & STaff: General Campus Guidelines

  • Regardless of vaccination status - Wear masks indoors if occupancy of room exceeds posted number, all need to wear a mask (cloth mask is fine except where KN95 masks are noted) – Occupancy guidelines will be reposted.
  • Unvaccinated students, staff and faculty should wear a mask indoors (cloth masks are fine) at all times on campus, and outdoors when close to others. This includes the gym.
  • Masks for vaccinated students, staff and faculty are optional (except where noted above).

Faculty & Staff: Guidelines for Lectures, Labs, TBL and O'Cafe

  • As of Monday, August 16th - KN95 masks are required at all times in the lecture halls.
  • While lecturing, KN95 masks are required for unvaccinated faculty and optional for vaccinated.
  • When lecturing, faculty should stand behind plexiglass and/or wear face shield.
  • During TBL, all faculty and staff in the lecture hall will wear KN95 mask.
  • Unvaccinated faculty or staff who are in an office by themselves - should close their office door and can remove their mask.
  • O'Café staff who are actively interacting with individuals in the café are should wear masks at all times regardless of vaccination status.