Forefront Identity Management

WVSOM utilizes Microsoft Forefront Identity Management to enable domain users to quickly and securely reset their password without having to contact the Helpdesk.  To protect the identity of our students and employees WVSOM uses two-factor authentication for identity verification.  The steps below will demonstrate the registration process and how to reset a password.

Getting Registered

From Internet Explorer go to and enter your user name and current password.  Other browsers will work but Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for using Forefront Identity Management.

Image: Windows Security

Click Next.

Image: WVSOM Identify Management

Type the current password and click Next.

Image: Login

Answer at least 3 of the 5 security questions, each answer must contain four characters and no two answers may be the same, click Next.

Image: screenshot #2

Enter a valid mobile phone number in order to receive a verification code which will be sent by text message during the password reset process.  Click Next

.Image: Screenshot #3

Image: Screenshot #4

Resetting Your Password

To reset your password go to .

As shown below enter the user name in the following format wvsom\gjetson.

Image: Screenshot #5

The first level of identity verification requires correctly answering two of the security questions chosen during registration.

Image: Screenshot #6


A security code will be generated to the mobile phone number entered during registration.

Image: Screenshot #7

The second level of secure authentication occurs when the security code in entered on the mobile phone verification form.  Click Next.

Image: Screenshot #8

Select a new password, verify the password and click Next.

Image: Screenshot #9

If the password change is successful the confirmation shown blow will be displayed.  MOBILE DEVICE WARNING:  If using a mobile device (iPad, cell phone, etc.) and email synchronization is enabled the email password will need to be reset on the device.  Otherwise the mobile device will be attempting to connect to email with the old password and the domain account will be locked out.

Image: Screenshot #10