Carolyn Komar

Carolyn Komar
Associate Professor
Biomedical Sciences

Office: A327
Phone: (304) 647-6345
Fax: (304) 645-4859


Education / Training

Undergraduate B.S. University of Vermont

M. S. University of Connecticut

Ph.D. Cornell University

Postdoctoral training University of Kentucky

Research Interests

My research interests focus on how the metabolic status of women affects their reproductive health. To this end, I have been involved in various projects investigating how endogenous products of metabolism, as well as exogenous compounds, impact ovarian gene expression, steroidogenesis, etc.

Other areas of research in which I am engaged are the structure/function relationship of the reproductive tract to the ovarian cycle, and improving methods to monitor bone mineral density.

The information gained from our studies will enable us to better identify what goes awry leading to female sub-/infertility, understand pathologies effecting fertility such as polycystic ovary syndrome, and how changes associated with aging impact women's health.

Book Chapters

Komar, C. M. and Long, M. J. (2013) Immunohistochemical techniques to identify and localize proteins of interest in paraffin-embedded tissue sections.  In: Methods in Molecular Biology: Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors. Badr, M. Z. & Youseff, J. (eds).  Humana Press, New York.  2013. Pp 197-206  

Fortune, J. E., Rivera, G. M. and Komar, C. M. (2001) Selection and differentiation of dominant ovarian follicles in cattle.  In: BR Monographs of Reproduction & Catalog Group 2001, A.A.M. Rosa e Silva (ed.).  Editora Arte & Ciencia (Villipress), Sao Paulo, Brazil, pg. 21-38.

Curry Jr., T. E., Komar, C. M., Burns, P. D. and Nothnick, W. B.  (2000) Periovulatory changes in ovarian metalloproteinases and tissue inhibitors of metalloproteinases (TIMPs) following indomethacin treatment.  In: Ovulation: Evolving Scientific and Clinical Concepts, E. Y. Adashi (ed.).  Springer Verlag, New York.  pp 265-276

Fortune, J. E., Voss, A. K., Chandrasekher, Y. A., Berndtson, A. K., Komar, C. M. and Tabb, J. S.  (2000) Oxytocin: Periovulatory production and effects.  In: Ovulation: Evolving Scientific and Clinical Concepts, E. Y. Adashi (ed.).  Springer Verlag, New York.  pp 154-166 

Publications Peer Reviewed

White, Matthew, Jarrett, Traci, Komar, Carolyn.  (2016) Correlation between digit length ratios and risk factors associated with metabolic syndrome.  Submitted to Preventative Med-Reports.

Long, Mary J., Sairam, Ram M., Komar, Carolyn M.  (2009) Initiation of the Expression of Peroxisome Proliferator - Activated Receptor gamma (PPARγ) in the Rat Ovary and the Role of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH).  Reproductive Biology & Endocrinology.  7: 145. 

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Invited Talks

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