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Compliance & Responsibility 

WVSOM fosters a culture of research integrity and compliance in order to ensure that WVSOM employees and students conduct research with the highest ethical standards.  All Institutional members share responsibility for upholding ethical principles in each of the areas listed below.

Additionally, in order to minimize harm to individuals and potential liability, WVSOM requires faculty, students, and staff to acquire institutional approval prior to initiating any research and/or grant projects. The institutional review process involves examination of all project elements in order to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations as well as WVSOM policies.  All research projects must be reviewed by the ORSP prior to initiating the project or submitting a protocol application to one of the committees described below.  To have a project reviewed by the ORSP, complete the Research Initiation Request Form (ORSP-1).

For more information regarding the Institutional research project process, click here.

Use of Human Subjects in Research

WVSOM holds an assurance with the Office of Human Research Protections (FWA00007632).

Before any research projects can proceed, the WVSOM Institutional Review Board (IRB) must approve any research project involving the use of human subjects including social-behavioral, educational or bio-medical research. Investigators should contact the IRB chair for details regarding IRB submission. The IRB will only review research projects that have received approval from the ORSP (completion of ORSP-1). 

IRB Policy R-05 Human Subjects Research
IRB Procedures

Contact IRB@osteo.wvsom.edu for additional information

Use of Animals in Research

WVSOM holds an Animal Welfare Assurance through the Office of Animal Welfare (A3238-01).

Any research proposal that uses vertebrate animals or animal tissue must have the protocol approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). PIs should contact the IACUC chair for information regarding requirements for review.  The IACUC will only review research projects that have received approval from the ORSP (completion of ORSP-1).

IACUC Policy R-01 Use of Research Animals

Contact IACUC@osteo.wvsom.edu for additional information.

Conflict of Interest

Conflicts of interest may exist when external commitments that have been made by an investigator impair independent scholarly inquiry, compromise freedom of thought or action, or impede objectivity in the performance of responsibilities. To monitor conflicts of interest, WVSOM has developed a Conflict of Interest Policy in accordance with federal regulations.

Policy R-04 Conflict of Interest in Research

WVSOM must provide external research and grant sponsors with assurances regarding areas of potential physical, psychological, financial, or legal liability.