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Compliance & Responsibility 

WVSOM must provide external research and grant sponsors with assurances regarding areas of potential physical, psychological, financial, or legal liability.

In order to minimize harm to individuals and potential liability, WVSOM requires faculty, students, and staff to acquire institutional approval prior to initiating any research and/or grant projects. The institutional review process involves examination of all project elements in order to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations as well as WVSOM policies.  Click on the link below for instructions on how to obtain institutional approval to conduct a research project.

Project Initiation Flowchart

WVSOM’s Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) is responsible for conducting research and grant proposal reviews and is the liaison between the outside sponsor and WVSOM. The ORSP approves requests for modification to agreements and provides assistance to interpret rules, regulations, and legal requirements in consultation with WVSOM counsel.  

The WVSOM Office of Business Affairs (OBA) serves as a resource to help faculty, students, and staff monitor grants and research expenditures, prepares and submits invoices, and submits expenditure reports.

Projects require pre-award and post-award administration as follows:

Submission - Pre-Award Procedures

Pre-award administration includes proposal development, submission, and award negotiation. The ORSP reviews all forms and budgets to ensure appropriate approvals are obtained.

Post-Award Procedures

After an award is issued to WVSOM, the ORSP ensures that all terms and conditions are met and releases the award to the OBA.

The OBA then creates accounts, inputs budgets (prepared by the PI-PD), and helps to submit financial reports.