Rural Health Initiative CPR training



West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM) Rural Health Initiative students will visit high schools across the state to provide pertinent and potentially lifesaving CPR skills to students in 7-12 grade. 

The concept that medical students are helping high school students learn how to save lives is a natural fit. RHI program coordinator, Janet Hinton, wants to take the talented students in the RHI program into rural high schools in West Virginia and make a difference.

With the medical students’ prior medical backgrounds, they can offer hands-on training that may ultimately save someone’s life. 

Tanner Tuggle, an RHI and second-year medical student, has already taught CPR to high school students in the Upward Bound Program this summer. He plans to continue to do so throughout the school year.

RHI students will train high schoolers about a reaction plan, hands-only CPR, child CPR (compressions and breaths), AED use, and simulated choking among adults and children. 

Although this training does not provide official CPR certification from the American Heart Association, it does provide basic hands-on CPR skills that can be essential to save lives.

Educators who are interested in RHI students teaching CPR at their school should contact Janet Hinton at or 304-793-6887.