COMLEX 1 Day PE Practice Exam

Regular Registration - $350.00
Registration will close 2 weeks prior to the event or once 12 registrations has been reached. 



Terms of Agreement

The 1 day PE Practice Exam at WVSOM's Clinical Evaluation Center is a preparation for the NBOME's COMLEX-PE examination. We expect everyone participating to abide by the general expectations that the NBOME has for their candidates during their examination. As a result, we ask that you agree to the following:

  1. I agree to behave and dress professionally throughout the course, as would be expected when participating in an actual NBOME-PE examination (scrubs are not acceptable).
  2. I shall not discuss, disclose, paraphrase, publish or otherwise make known to anyone the details of our case presentations or course content.
  3. I agree to follow the event rules regarding bathroom and/or personal breaks (which will only be allowed at specified times during the course unless you have a medical excuse).
  4. I agree to remain in the Clinical Evaluation Center building at all times during the course days.
  5.  I agree to surrender my cell phone and any personal electronic devices during the course day (we will provide you with a safe box for storage of your personal items).  You will not have access to these items during the course sessions.
  6. I agree to provide a state-issued form of ID upon registration.

Completing Registration & Payment

Payment or arrangements to make a payment is due 1 week prior to the event start date.

After registering, payment may be mailed to:

CEC Operations Manager,
400 Lee Street North
Lewisburg, WV 24901

or you may call (304) 647-6317 to make a credit card payment. A receipt will be emailed to you after payment is received.

For more information contact:

CEC Operations Manager
(304) 647-6415

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