Faculty Development Videos

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    Statewide Campus Faculty Development (Track 3:  Clinicians, GME, )

    Video Handout Survey/CME Info
    Recorded Webinars (1 CME)
    Prevention of Physician Suicide:  A Coach's Role Handout Evaluation
    SNAPPS- Expressing Clinical Reasoning and Uncertainties Handout Evaluation
    Virtual Conversations Regarding Telemedicine Handout Evaluation
    Modules (.5 CME)
    Communicating Effectively with Students Pt. 1:  How to Avoid Unnecessary Conflict Handout  Evaluation
    Communicating Effectively with Students Pt. 2:  Giving and Receiving Feedback Handout Evaluation
    Teaching Critical Thinking in a Clinical Setting Handout Evaluation
    Orienting and  Integrating Students into Your Clinical Practice Handout  
    Case Presentation Models:  Part 1 - SNAPPS Handout