Academic Technology for Students

eMedley for Students

Topic Handout Video
Logging into eMedley Handout Video
Color Coding for Calendar Handout  
General Information and Navigation Handout   
eCurriculum Features
Finding the Syllabi Handout  
Viewing the Calendar and Searching Curriculum Handout Video
Exporting and Printing the Calendar Handout Video
Subscribing to the Calendar Handout   
Downloading Course Files from the Calendar Handout  
eKeeper Features
Reviewing Dashboard Information Handout Video
eValuate Features
Completing and Submitting an Evaluation Handout Video
Viewing a Peer Evaluation Handout  
educate Features
Using Educate Handout  
Finding Syllabi and Overall Course Documents Handout  
Viewing Videos and Installing Chrome Extension Handout  
eXamn Features
Steps for Getting Ready to Take a Secure Exam Handout  
Taking a Secure Exam Handout  
All in One Guide
Overall Student Guide to eMedley Handout  

Other Academic Technology Resources

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