Intramural Grants

Chart of grant types and due dates for applications: New Project; this category includes new projects that have not been funded by intramural grants, or previously funded projects that have changed significantly (new specific aims). Continuation: This category includes accepted intramural grants that require an extension and funding. The due dates for applications for New Projects and Continuation are April 15th, August 15th and December 15th. If less than $1000 you can submit at any time. Equipment: This category includes requests for equipment or institutional cost sharing is being requested as part of an external grant. Publication cost: This category is for publication costs or article processing charges. Consumables: This category is to support research student projects; funds for this grant are used to purchase supplies that will support summer research students or rotation students. Applications for Equipment, Publication Costs, or Consumables can be submitted at any time.

Review Process:

  1. Submit Intramural Grant Application to the Research Committee at
  2. The Research Committee evaluates the intramural grant application using the criteria below and makes a recommendation to the Associate Dean of Research and Sponsored Programs
    • Scientific merit of proposed project
    • Personnel qualifications and/or previous record
    • Budget appropriateness
    • Medical student training  
  3. The Associate Dean of Research and Sponsored Programs reviews the Research Committee’s recommendation and makes a funding recommendation to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean
  4. The Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean reviews the Research Committee’s and Associate Dean’s recommendations and makes a final decision regarding funding the Intramural Grant

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the scientific merit of my proposed project?
The scientific merit of your proposed research is the design of the study and its overall scientific quality. The strengths and weaknesses of the proposal, the theoretical foundations of the proposed work, the scientific soundness of the research plan, and the expected broader intellectual significance of the project are evaluated.
Is there a maximum amount of funding that could be requested?
No, your proposed budget can be any amount. However, there is an overall budget each year for the Intramural Grant program. Once those funds are used, the Intramural Grant program is put on hiatus until the next fiscal year. Please note that the IM grant program has not been put on hiatus in the past 10 years, at least.  Please see the histogram showing the number of grants funded and budgets from the previous 4 grant cycles.    Chart showing the number of grants in the last 4 grant cycles: In the 1 to 1000 dollar range, 4 were awarded; in the 1001 to 2000 dollar range, 1 was awarded; in the 4001 to 5000, dollar range 2 were awarded; in the 5001 to 6000 dollar range, 2 were awarded, in the 6001 to 7000 dollar range, 1 was awarded; in the 7001 to 8000 dollar range, 1 was awarded; in the 11001 to 12000 dollar range, 1 was awarded; and in the 31001 to 32000 dollar range, 1 was awarded.
Can I submit an Intramural Grant if I have start-up funds?
Yes, but the Intramural Grant should not be used in lieu of start-up funds. For example, the Intramural Grant Program can be used to request a) unforeseen expenses for your start-up project, b) support for a completely new project, or c) replace/purchase equipment.  
What types of Intramural Grants have been funded?
WVSOM researchers have diverse research interests. Using data from the previous four IM grant cycles, the following types of grants have been funded.
  • Five Basic Research Grants
  • Four Survey Research Grants
  • Three Equipment Grants
  • One Publication Costs Grant
Can I have my intramural grant reviewed for completeness prior to sending to the Research Committee?
Yes, any member of the Research Committee can assist with this request. Please keep in mind that this assistance does not translate to your grant getting accepted by the Research Committee, Associate Dean, or Dean.
Can I see an example of an intramural application?
Click here to see an example of an intramural grant.
The Research Committee, Associate Dean, or Dean has asked for more information regarding my grant. Does that mean it has been rejected?
Not at all. As Intramural Grants funds are WVSOM funds, the Research Committee is tasked with reviewing grants that will produce an end product that either helps to answer a scientific question and/or provide medical students valuable research experience. As such, additional information or clarification may be necessary.  
I understand that startup funds at WVSOM are for a one year period.  How can I continue my research beyond that period?
Start-up funds at WVSOM are only available for a one-year period.  However, OBA is often able to roll over those funds to a second, or third, year.  The intramural grant program is designed to allow for continued funding beyond the life of the start-up funds.  This type of application falls under the Continuation category, described above.

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