Biomedical Sciences

Supervisor:  Karen Wines

Office Room #:  A313

Phone Ext #:  (304) 647-6438

Purpose/Duties of the job:

The position is for specific dates and times during the 2020-2021 Springs Semester to monitor the Gross Anatomy Open Labs available to students in the Class of 2024. The job requirements include the following:

Monitor the entering and of students into each lab, making sure health and safety precautions are followed. There are 5 sessions in each 4 hour Open Lab event.
Have all attendees sign-in to provide a record of persons in each session.
Monitor the learning session to make sure that attendees are following health and safety precautions.
Spray down specimens during the sessions to make sure structures are preserved.
Proper closure of tables and care of specimens at the end of each Open Lab event

This is a monitoring position and not meant for tutoring. The sessions are 4 hours in length and one monitor will be required in each of the two labs for the entire of each event.

Open Lab Dates – Sessions run from 6pm until 10pm on the following dates.

Monday, 1-25-2021
Tuesday, 1-26-2021
Wednesday, 1-27-2021
Thursday, 1-28-2021
Friday, 1-29-2021
Monday, 2-1-2021
Tuesday, 2-2-2021
Thursday, 2-11-2021
Monday, 2-15-2021
Friday, 2-26-2021
Thursday, 3-4-2021
Friday, 3-5-2021
Tuesday, 3-19-2021
Tuesday, 5-4-2021
Friday, 5-7-2021         

If so, whom? (List in order of preference please-list only students you are willing to accept)

Please provide clear justification to support this position and the hours requested:

There will need to be at least 4 students total to cover all of the required dates in the first week. After that, the required time drops off. Please see the following table as a suggestion for how the time could be divided among four students.

Date Lab A Lab B 1 2 3 4
1/25/2021 4 4 4 4    
1/26/2021 4 4     4 4
1/27/2021 4 4 4 4    
1/28/2021 4 4     4 4
1/29/2021 4 4 4 4    
2/1/2021 4 4     4 4
2/2/2021 4 4 4 4    
2/11/2021 4 4     4 4
2/15/2021 4 4 4 4    
2/26/2021 4 4     4 4
3/4/2021 4 4 4 4    
3/5/2021 4 4     4 4
3/9/2021 4 4 4 4    
5/4/2021 4 4     4 4
5/7/2021 4 4 4 4    

Total Hours for Each Student:

            1:  32

            2:  32

            3:  28

            4:  28

How would this position contribute to the operation of the specific office or success of the project it will be assigned to?

During the Fall Semester, the Open Labs were covered by the Tutors along with Faculty and GTAs. We would like to request Work Study students to cover the monitoring portion of the Open Labs, which will then free up the Tutors to provide tutoring services to students as needed. Sessions not covered by a Work Study Student will need to be covered by Faculty or Staff during the Spring Semester.

These lab sessions are critical to the learning of our 1st Year Class. These sessions provide a second look at the material presented in the lab while it is still fresh in their minds given that they do not have free access to the anatomy lab this year.

Hours per week:  12 hours (maximum 15 hours)

Pay Rate:  $11.50 per hour

Center for Rural and Community Health (CRCH) - 1 Position

Supervisor: Courtney Hereford 

Office Room #: A217

Phone Ext. #: (304) 793-6846

Purpose/Duties of the job:

In conjunction with CRCH, Greenbrier County Health Alliance (GCHA), West Virginia Clinical and Translational Science Institute (WVCTSI), and local and statewide partners, this position will:

  • Assist with development, implementation, coordination, and dissemination of community engagement and outreach activities as well as translational community-engaged research and scholarly activities.
    • Activities may include study and protocol development, literature reviews, write-up and dissemination of results; stakeholder engagement, training, outreach, and meeting assistance, data collection, entry and follow-up.
  • Serve as a WVSOM/CRCH student ambassador to help promote and carry out our mission to drive engagement in rural health.
    • Activities may include cultivating WVSOM student engagement and representation in CRCH community initiatives as well as CRCH engagement in WVSOM student initiatives.

*Must complete CITI training.

*Must be open to working with diverse partners and evolving priorities.

Hours per week: 10 hours (more or less as desired)

Pay Rate: $11.50 per hour

Media Services -  4 (2 from year 2, 2 from year 1, alternating week schedule) 

Supervisor: Kyle Jones

Office Room #: W120

Phone Ext. #: (304) 647-6262

Purpose/Duties of the job:

Purpose: to assist the Media Services Department and, specifically the Media Specialist, in the day-to-day operations of the A/V equipment in the Technology Building classrooms. 
Before the first class of the day: 

  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the first class of the day. Make sure that all microphones have fully charged batteries. 
  • Tum on projectors 

During the class day:

  • Assist instructor with A/V needs such as loading a PowerPoint or TumingPoint presentation, loading a DVD, etc. 
  • Record each of the lectures by using the video capture and.mp3 audio recorder and tum it off at the end of each lecture. 
  • Adjust classroom audio levels as needed. 
  • Call a Media Services staff member if you need help. (cell phone numbers are posted in the control room) 

After the last class of the day: (normally takes 15-20 minutes to complete) 

  • Rename and upload all video files from that day and upload to eMedley per posted instructions. (training provided for this) 
  • Tum off the projectors in the classroom. 
  • Shut down the computer. 
  • Place microphone batteries in charger for next day's use. 

Hours per week: approximately 10-15 hours a week, depending on the class schedule.

Pay Rate: $11.50 per hour

Clinical Evaluation Center - 3 Positions

Supervisor: Elizabeth Ziner, DO

Office Room #: YG02

Phone Ext. #: (304) 647-6218 

Purpose/Duties of the job:

  • Help to create/publish POCUS Pearls (an ultrasound newsletter)
  • Help setup for US open labs
  • Create at least one US Open Lab presentation
  • Help setup and participate in US scanning sessions
  • US QI project (possibility)
  • Help plan US festival (time permitting and depending on COVID trajectory)

The above is subject to change based on circumstances.

Hours per week: 15 hours 

Pay Rate: $11.50 per hour

Center for Rural and Community Health/Greenbrier County Health Alliance - 1 Position

Supervisor: Julian Levine

Office Room #: 

Phone Ext. #: (304) 793-6554

Purpose/Duties of the job:

This position will assist the Greenbrier County Health Alliance to develop, research, coordinate, and inform programming and help build capacity at WVSOM’s new Clingman Center for Community Engagement and assist with CRCH/GCHA Community Engagement & Outreach (CE&O) strategies. This may include:

  • Providing assistance with Chronic Disease and Chronic Pain Self Management programs
    • Including, if schedules allow, participation in/shadowing of workshops (virtual workshops for the foreseeable future) to offer input for improvement, and beneficial exposure to people in the community participating in these programs.
  • Community Outreach & Engagement (CE&O) related to:
    • Engagement opportunities between the local community and WVSOM students
    • Engagement opportunities to enhance connections between the community and WVSOM as an institution.
  • Providing assistance related to the Greenbrier County Health Alliance’s Ambassador Mini-Grant program which may include working with local grantees and assisting with mini-grant program development and evaluation.
  • Serve as a WVSOM student ambassador to help facilitate the Clingman Center for Community Engagement’s mission as a community engagement hub i.e. facilitate student-centered involvement and activity at the Clingman Center.
  • Provide assistance as a student ambassador to the GCHA in relation to the Healthiest Cities & Counties Challenge, a two year national initiative (2020-2022) funded by the American Public Health Association, the Aetna Foundation, and the National Association of Counties to advance health equity and prevent chronic disease in Greenbrier County.
  • Provide research and analytical support to CRCH/GCHA. Activities may include:
    • Data entry and analysis
    • Testing of Redcap surveys

*Must complete CITI training.

*Must be open to working with diverse partners and evolving priorities.

Hours per week: 10

Pay Rate: $11.50 per hour

Biomedical Sciences - 2 Positions

Supervisor: Christopher Pankey

Office Room #: A325

Phone Ext. #: (304) 793-6576 

Purpose/Duties of the job:

The student will work under the supervision of Dr. Pankey to assist with live animal experiments under the currently approved protocol. This position is responsible for the daily care and management of animals used in research protocol 2019-5. Duties may include:

  • Performing basic animal husbandry on Sprague Dawley Rats
  • Detailed record keeping
  • Animal enrichment
  • Managing high intensity interval training exercise sessions using a rodent treadmill system
  • Maintaining updated, accurate records of food intake, and exercise session data
  • Data analysis and dissemination

Hours per week: 10

Pay Rate: $11.50 per hour

Library - 8 Positions

Supervisor: Rachel McGuire

Office Room #: E101

Phone Ext. #: (304) 793-6562 

Purpose/Duties of the job:

  • Help library-users find physical and digital materials
  • Check out/check in items
  • Answer questions in-person and on phone
  • Sign out/sign in study rooms
  • Restock printer, stapler, etc.
  • Assist with special projects as assigned

Hours per week: 8-15 hours

Pay Rate: $11.50 per hour

Clinical Sciences - 5 Positions

Supervisor: Dr. Aaron McGuffin

Office Room #: C325

Phone Ext. #: (304) 647-6202

Purpose/Duties of the job:

The purpose of the position will be to enhance the existing COMLEX Board Review material in Universal Notes and assist in expanding its delivery to the rising 1st and 2nd year classes.

Specifically it will involve:

  • Analyses of board questions
  • Writing of de novo board questions
  • Adding images, schematics, tables etc. to enhance existing material
  • Adding additional material
  • Adding answers to open-ended questions
  • Creating core slide decks for students in the new Universal Notes feature
  • Creation of scripts for short teaching videos on specific topics, which the student will then record and upload to the website

Hours per week: Maximum of 15 hours

Pay Rate: $11.50 per hour

Aspire - 1 Position

Supervisor: Brenda Lemine

Office Room #: A420C

Phone Ext. #: (304) 647-6324

Purpose/Duties of the job:

The purpose of the position will be Social needs coordinator, event planner/overseer.

Hours per week: Maximum of 15 hours

Pay Rate: $11.50 per hour