Biomedical Sciences - 1 Position

Supervisor: Jack Thatcher, Ph.D.

Office Room #: A329

Phone Ext. #: (304) 647-6382 

Purpose/Duties of the job:

The work study student will assist with the revision of the JavaScript/CSS/HTML code that has been composed for the Biology from Molecules to Embryos (BioME©) program of animated lessons.  The requirement for this position is that he or she have expertise with these programming languages (JavaScript, CSS and HTML5).  The student will study the code and help me determine how to revise it to produce a professional looking program worthy of extramural distribution.  Requisite revisions include incorporating links into the central menu of the program for opening practice questions, for a tutorial on how to use the program, an acknowledgement page, and an E-mail address for users to provide feedback.  Moreover, backgrounds have to be added, and the font and layout of the script and buttons throughout the program need to be refined. 

The student will also assist with the conversion of the lessons that have been composed with Adobe Animate™, into HTML/CSS/JavaScript files.  This task will be shared between the student and myself.  The allocation of duties will need to be negotiated and will depend on the student’s availability and level of expertise.  For instance, the student could be assigned some of lessons for conversion, while I could convert the rest.  Alternatively, we could each be responsible for different aspects of the conversion process.  I could prepare the Adobe Animate™ file for conversion, while the student could incorporate the code.

Hours per week: 1-15 hours (average 5 hours per week)

Pay Rate: $11.50 per hour

Clinical Science - 1 Position

Supervisor: Aaron McGuffin, Ph.D.

Office Room #: C325

Phone Ext. #: (304) 647-6202 

Purpose/Duties of the job:

The student will work under the supervision of Dr. McGuffin to assist in development of board review activities including but not limited to:

  • Creation of board review questions
  • Editing of board review content
  • Creation of board review “high-yield” summary graphs
  • Update of Board Review Shared Drive for students
  • Assist with presentation of board review lectures
  • Assist with development of COMSAE Board Prep Track
  • Assist with preparation of Board Review research project (along with Drs. Eleazar and Kelso)

Hours per week: 1-15 hours (average 5 hours per week)

Pay Rate: $11.50 per hour