The Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) maintains communications among all members of the student body and acts as the sole official representative for the entire student body to the faculty, administration, fellow professionals and the public at large.

Elected Officers

The elected officers include the president, vice-president, secretary,historian,treasurer, Student Representative to WVSOM Board of Governors and WVSOM Representative to State Advisory Council of Students.

These officers comprise the Executive Committee. The president and one member-at-large from each class, representatives from recognized campus organizations and the Executive Committee comprise the Student Senate.

The Student Senate conducts business relevant to the needs of the student body.


  • President:  Benjamin Kastenbauer
  • Vice President:  Steven Veselsky
  • Secretary:  Melissa Urquhart
  • Treasurer:  Jubel Puthusseril
  • Historian:  Joseph Chafardon
  • TOUCH Coordinator:  Kristy Farmer
  • Board of Governors Representative: Loc Tran