Special Hooders

Who can be a hooder?  Graduates can have a family member, friend or mentor hood them during the Graduation ceremony. 

Graduate needs to fill out the hooding request form on the Graduation website and submit to the Dean’s office. 

Only a person with a terminal degree, ex. D.O., M.D., Ph.D., D.D.S., J.D., etc. can hood a graduate. 

We need to know the name and credentials of your special hooder; this information is announced when you walk to the center stage to be hooded: “Student X will be hooded by his mother, Dr. X, D.O.” 

If you do not request a special hooder, one of the Associate Deans will hood you.  Also, note that WVSOM faculty can hood graduates.

Dress code for Special Hooders

 Most hooders wear business casual or suit and tie. Some hooders wear academic regalia and some have worn their white coat. It is up to the special hooder on what works best from the choices above.


Contact April Jones at (304) 647-6269 for questions about hooding.