Graduation FAQ

Graduation is a joyous time but it can also be stressful. We've assembled a list of frequently asked questions to help you plan for the event of a lifetime.


How long will the ceremony last?

The Ceremony will last approximately 2.5 hours. 

After the ceremony will have a reception in the main building hallway and the Roland P. Sharp Alumni Center. 

The campus store will also be open following graduation. 

Are pets allowed?

Licensed service animals are welcome. All other pets are prohibited. Anyone bringing a pet inside the tent (other than service animals) will be asked to leave with the pet. 

Is there lodging information available?

Lodging and dining information is available at Because rooms in Lewisburg fill up quickly during graduation, please make reservations early.

Are noisemakers allowed?

Please ask your family not to use air horns or other noisemakers to celebrate your graduation as a courtesy to others. However, it's okay to yell and scream!


Who can be a hooder?

Graduate's can have a family member, friend or mentor hood them during the Graduation ceremony. Graduate needs to fill out the hooding request form on the Graduation website and submit to the Dean's office. Only a person with a terminal degree, ex. D.O., M.D., Ph.D., D.D.S., J.D., etc. can hood a graduate.  We need to know the name and credentials of your special hooder; this information is announced when you walk to the center stage to be hooded: "Student X will be hooded by his mother, Dr. X, D.O."

What if I don't have someone to hood me?

If you do not request a special hooder, one of the Associate Deans will hood you.  Also, note that WVSOM faculty can hood graduates.

What should a special hooder wear? 

Special hooders typically wear business/business casual dress or academic regalia.

Is there anything a special hooder should know?

When the graduate comes to the base of the stairs on the right, the special hooder should go to the opposite set of stairs on the left side of the stage (as you face the stage). The hooder should allow extra time if they have trouble walking or climbing stairs. When the graduates' name is called the hooder is to go up the steps to the hooding area on the stage where you will hood the graduate.

After the hooding, you and your hooder are to exit the stage using the steps (Please be careful while descending the steps!) and return to your seats.

Is there reserved seating for Special Hooders?

There will be a reserved area near the stage for special hooders.  Please note that only the hooder is to sit in this area, other family members and guests are asked to sit in the open seating area.  Special hooders will be seated in a reserved area behind the faculty on the left (as you face the stage). It is important for special hooders to be seated in this area to prevent delays in the ceremony, please inform the ushers when you arrive so that they can be seated in the reserved seating area.

Graduation Parking

Where should students and their guests park for graduation?

 Parking is managed by state and local police with the assistance of WVSOM staff.  You will be directed to park in specific lots as you arrive.  Please note that the lots closest to the ceremony will be filled first.

Is handicapped parking available?

Parking for disabled persons is located in the lot next to the Graduation Tent.  Please indicate to the parking attendants if you need to park in the handicapped parking area and they will direct you to the reserved parking spaces.  Please note that WVSOM does not provide wheelchairs.

Video & Photography

Is there a way to watch the hooding ceremony online?

Yes. The Graduation Ceremony will be recorded and streamed live. Students will be provided the video link so that family members and friends who are not able to attend can view the ceremony.  In addition, the live video stream will be broadcast to the Tech Building Classrooms for those families who prefer to watch the ceremony in an indoor environment.  You will be able to access the graduation video following the ceremony as well.

Will anyone be taking pictures at the event?

Yes, staff photographers will be taking photos during the ceremony.  A photo will be taken when the graduate is hooded. Family members and friends are welcome to take photos when you are on stage but are asked to be considerate of the staff photographers and other graduates and their families.

Is there any way I can have a picture taken with my family?

A photo station under the Graduation Tent will be set up after Graduation for the purpose of taking posed pictures of the graduate, family, and friends. In addition, graduates and their friends and family are welcome to go on the stage to take photographs.