UPDATE: The White Coat / Convocation Ceremony scheduled for the Class of 2024 on Friday, August 28, 2020 has been CANCELED due to the high risk of COVID-19 spreading at events and gatherings where it is difficult for individuals to maintain proper social distancing.

We are considering options to replace the ceremony with an event in the Fall 2020 to welcome our newest students to WVSOM! We are also exploring ways to incorporate a future White Coat Ceremony for the Class of 2024.


White Coat / Convocation Ceremony Information

Convocation is scheduled for Friday, August 28, 2020, starting at 2:00 pm in the WVSOM Conference Center located on the 2nd floor of the student center.

Live video streaming (Streaming begins at 1:30 p.m. - Ceremony begins at 2:00 p.m.)

The WVSOM Alumni Association is proud to sponsor the White Coat Ceremony, which marks the first-year students' official entry into the osteopathic medical profession. The Alumni Association purchases the white coats with the WVSOM patches for all the first-year students. The White Coat Ceremony is held as part of Convocation, the formal beginning of the academic year.

For Students

Make sure to arrive on campus early enough so that you won't miss the procession. Line up for the procession is at 1:30 p.m. in the Technology Building Year 1 Classroom. Traffic gets heavy due to the number of guests on campus.

It's recommended that you dress in lightweight, business casual attire, and comfortable shoes. Men should not wear a suit or sports coat onto the stage.

Students will be issued 3 tickets for their guests to attend your White Coat / Convocation Ceremony.

Convocation Seating

Families cannot reserve seats ahead of time.  

Reserved Seating Areas

There are reserved seating areas for the students, guests with disabilities and their families, faculty, special coaters and guests of the President. These areas will be marked and indicated to the students during rehearsal and ushers will be available during the ceremony.

A reserved area is provided for people who are disabled and in a wheelchair.

Since we try to accommodate family members to sit with the disabled family member, it is essential that we know in advance and no less than 2 weeks before the ceremony so we can arrange appropriate accommodations for those who will be sitting in this area.

To make those arrangements for guests with disabilities, contact the Office of Preclinical Education at ADPreclin.wvsom.edu or (304) 647-6301. 

Seats that have not been claimed by the start of the ceremony will be released to accommodate other guests.

Special Coaters

Special Coaters are family members or friends who will be coating the student and must be a D.O. or M.D. First-year students will provide the name of their physician and address to the Alumni Relations office by emailing klonergan@osteo.wvsom.edu

If the physician is not available, a member of the WVSOM Alumni Association will be available to perform the honors. Special coaters need to report to the small pre-function area in the conference center by 1:30 p.m.

Seating is only for the special coater. Attire for special coaters is business attire, business casual, academic regalia or they can wear their white coat. Coating instructions will be given at the time of line-up for the procession.

If any changes or emergencies arise and you are unable to make the ceremony, please call the Office of Alumni Relations at (304) 647-6373 or email klonergan@osteo.wvsom.edu .

Parking on Convocation Day

Parking is managed by state and local police with the assistance of WVSOM staff.  You will be directed to park in specific lots as you arrive (parking lots P6, P7, P8, P12 ).  Parking lots closest to the ceremony will be filled first.

Handicap Parking

Parking lot P9 located by the Student Center is reserved for disabled persons. Please indicate to the parking attendants if you need to park in the handicapped parking area and they will direct you to the reserved parking spaces.  Please note that WVSOM does not provide wheelchairs.


WVSOM Volunteers will be on-site to assist Guests and will be wearing nametags. 


WVSOM photographers will photograph each student as they are coated. These photographs will be available in an online gallery a few weeks after Convocation.

Family members & friends are welcome to take photos when the student is on stage, but we ask to be considerate of the staff photographer and other students and families. After the ceremony, students and their families and friends are welcome to go on the stage to take photographs.

Live Stream Video

The ceremony will be recorded and streamed live. Students will be provided the video link so that family members and friends who are not able to attend can view the ceremony. In addition, the live video stream will be broadcast at the Roland P. Sharp Alumni Center.  You will be able to access the Convocation/ White coat video following the ceremony as well.

Miscellaneous Information

The ceremony will last approximately 2.5 hours.

After the ceremony, we will have a reception. The Clinical Evaluation Center will be open for tours.

Campus Store Hours

The WVSOM Campus Store will also be open.


Please ask your family not to use air horns to celebrate as a courtesy to others. 


Lodging and dining information is available at http://greenbrierwv.com/. Because rooms in Lewisburg fill up quickly, please make reservations early. 


No animals, other than licensed or certified service animals, are permitted. If you bring a pet inside, you will be asked to leave with the pet.

Lost and Found

Please contact Belinda Evans at (304) 647-6401 or bevans@osteo.wvsom.edu to locate your lost item.