Six WVSOM students receive BrickStreet Foundation scholarships

Six students at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM) were named the 2019-20 recipients of BrickStreet endowed scholarships, donated by the BrickStreet Foundation.

First-year student Anthony Aswad, second-year students Megan Farley and Madeleine Gwinn, third-year student Lucas Goodwin, and fourth-year students Jordan Allen and Lauren Cronise each received scholarships on Aug. 21.

The scholarships, funded through a $900,000 endowment BrickStreet gifted the school in 2016, are the largest annual scholarships provided through the WVSOM Foundation. Each scholarship ranges from $10,000 to $20,000 and is used to cover a portion of a student’s tuition costs.

This year’s awardees received a total of $80,000 through the endowment.

“Today is a special day because we’re handing out scholarships to very deserving medical students,” WVSOM President James W. Nemitz, Ph.D., said during an on-campus luncheon at which the awards were presented. “BrickStreet has been a tremendous supporter of WVSOM, and we’re grateful to them for providing these funds.”

BrickStreet Insurance was West Virginia’s first private workers’ compensation carrier. The company integrated its operations with Motorists Insurance Group in July, creating a new entity known as Encova Mutual Insurance Group. Shelby Paxton, a human resources business partner with the company who attended the luncheon, said the mission of the BrickStreet Foundation — now known as the Encova Foundation of West Virginia — is to support the communities in which its employees work and live.

“We’re happy to be able to give these scholarships to students who are studying in West Virginia,” Paxton said. “We have a long history of supporting WVSOM, and I’m always pleased to visit the school. We look forward to seeing what these students do with their bright futures.”

Heather Antolini, WVSOM’s director of institutional development, pointed out that scholarship endowments allow the WVSOM Foundation to help ease students’ minds during one of the most difficult journeys they’ll ever undertake.

“Most medical students take on an extraordinary amount of debt in order to complete their education, and the burden of that financial commitment can be very stressful,” Antolini said. “Our ability to provide meaningful scholarships to help offset that debt for our students is critical. We are so appreciative of donors like BrickStreet who contribute to the WVSOM Foundation’s scholarship endowments.”

First-year student Anthony Aswad said the scholarship will allow him to concentrate more deeply on his studies at WVSOM.

“The generosity of BrickStreet will enable me to focus on my medical education as opposed to the cost of medical school,” he said. “In doing so, it will let me focus on my goal to provide health care to individuals living in rural Appalachia and to make sure we can provide quality care to those who don’t currently have accessible health resources.”

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Tuesday, September 3, 2019