WVSOM celebrates outstanding employees, 7 retirees

The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM) celebrated employee achievements by honoring retirees, recognizing employees for years of service and acknowledging work among faculty and staff with various employee awards.

“Over the course of the last year, we entered a new chapter for WVSOM as we installed a new president, Dr. [James] Nemitz. Throughout the last year, and previously at these celebrations, we’ve talked about the importance of remembering and honoring our heritage. From modest beginnings, this institution has risen to national prominence due to the dedication, hard work and commitment to our mission from our former and current faculty and staff,” Leslie Bicksler, WVSOM’s vice president of human resources, told the audience.

This year, the Employee Celebration recognized seven retirees: Robin Tuckwiller, Paul Jacoby, Dr. Carolyn Komar, Debra Pope, Dr. Malcolm Modrzakowski, Mary Richmond and Linda Stidom.  

WVSOM’s Office of Human Resources presented the President’s Outstanding Employee Award, which is given annually to selected employees who are identified to the president by a vote of WVSOM faculty and staff as outstanding employees for the current academic year. The award recognizes exceptional and dedicated service to WVSOM. The goal of the award is to raise awareness in the campus community of the indispensable contributions made by the outstanding employee to the quality, diversity and overall mission of WVSOM. Ten employees were nominated. They were Keith Brookman, Dr. Brian Griffith, Charlie Lowry, Joyce Martin, Scott Maxwell, Tess McMillion, Sherri Miller, Jennifer Seams, Ronnie Steele and Alicia Winters. This year’s winners were Keith Brookman and Ronnie Steele.

Two faculty members, Dr. Kathleen Martin, clinical sciences, and Dr. Jacob Neumann, biomedical sciences, received this year’s President’s Outstanding Faculty Award. The award is presented each year to members of the faculty in recognition of their excellence in teaching and commitment to osteopathic medical education. 

Three new awards were created for this year’s celebration — the Living Our Mission Award, the Statewide Campus PRIDE Award and the Rising Star Award.

The Living our Mission Award recognizes WVSOM staff who exemplify professional excellence, an understanding of and commitment to WVSOM, and a commitment to achieving the school’s mission. These staff members aren’t just living the school’s mission, they’re working to engage WVSOM’s future. This year’s inaugural winners were Keith Brookman, Tiffany Burns, Charlie Lowry, Joyce Martin, Kevin McCraw, Scott Maxwell, Donette Mizia, Karla Pauley, Danny Seams and Mark VanBuren.

The Statewide Campus PRIDE Award recognizes an employee in one of the seven Statewide Campus regions who goes above and beyond their service to WVSOM and the students they serve. The employee’s characteristics consist of being people-oriented, respectful, innovative, dedicated and effective. Adrienne Tucker was this year’s award recipient.

The Rising Star Award honors a newly hired employee who has already demonstrated a strong commitment to the school, an understanding of how their position supports the school’s mission and a commitment to working with others to engage the school’s future. This year’s winner was Erik Ford, a staff member who used training he received at WVSOM to save a woman’s life.

The celebration also recognized employees for reaching milestones in five-year increments of service at WVSOM. In addition to recognizing a number of employees who have reached milestones of service, WVSOM recognized six employees who achieved 20 or more years of service to WVSOM as of June 2019. Marilea Butcher, Rhonda Hughes and Betty Wingler have worked at WVSOM for 20 years; Jeffery Cobb for 25 years; Barbara Sanders for 30 years; and Sherry Phillips for 35 years.

Four former WVSOM employees were honored with professor emeritus distinction during the celebration. They were Dr. David Brown, Dr. George Boxwell, Dr. Helen Baker and Dr. David Leech. The honor of emeritus is granted at retirement in recognition of meritorious service.

Other WVSOM faculty who received promotions and tenures were Dr. Abigail Frank, awarded tenure and promoted to associate professor; Dr. Dina Schaper, awarded tenure; Dr. Rebecca Scopa Kelso, awarded tenure; Dr. Victoria Shuman, promoted to professor; and Dr. Peter Ward, promoted to professor.

Bicksler concluded the celebration by expressing the importance of WVSOM employees engaging the future of the school.

“For all our collective history and resources, what drives and sustains WVSOM is each of you and your true commitment, deep desire and great capacity to shape the future of WVSOM,” she said. “By building upon a phenomenal foundation of service and commitment, by working together, we have the opportunity to continue WVSOM’s bright future.”

WVSOM currently employs 290 people.

Date Added: 
Tuesday, June 11, 2019