MAKO Medical Laboratories is FOUNDATION WVSOM’s newest financial supporter

Mako Medical Laboratories is a regional laboratory headquartered in North Carolina that is passionate about making an impact in the state of West Virginia.

Mako Medical Laboratories is the WVSOM Foundation's newest annual fund partner. Company representatives have made a five-year commitment to WVSOM. Pictured are Jonathan Tucker; Chad Price, Mako's president and founder; James W. Nemitz, Ph.D., WVSOM's president; Jerry Bynum, Mako's executive vice president; Ryan Nibert; and Heather Antolini, WVSOM's director of institutional development.

Chad Price, president and founder of the company, was born in West Virginia and said he knows schools like WVSOM that are often a hidden gem can make a big difference in the health of a community, which is why he decided to become WVSOM's newest financial supporter.

Mako Medical Laboratories has made a five-year commitment to the WVSOM Foundation as an Annual Fund Partner, an initiative that supports our students by providing unrestricted funds for areas of greatest need at WVSOM. Businesses that wish to become Annual Fund Partners make a minimum commitment of $2,500 per year.

"We really want to make an impact by providing better patient care and innovative ideas in this area," Price said. "The thing about this school and Mako is we are plugged into the local community. The feel of this campus, the size, the age of the school and the number of students emulates Mako in a lot of ways. The more we learn about WVSOM, the more we want to get more involved."

The company, which is just under 4 years old, operates out of 12 states, but has only had a presence in the West Virginia market for about a year. Mako has a relationship with many medical schools, Price said, but he continues to be impressed with the innovation from WVSOM, which sits in such a rural community in a mostly underserved state.

"There is a lot of innovation here that there isn't at other schools," he said. "The simulation lab is state of the art and the clinic where students immediately experience patient encounters is something that other universities do later in a program. These are examples of why you have so many students finishing the program at WVSOM."

Price has other long-term ideas in mind for how Mako can support WVSOM. Those include funding WVSOM scholarships and helping to purchase equipment used by medical students.

"I'd like to donate laptops that the students use," he said. "The laptops for students, a new simulator or medical device in the market — those are the strategic things we could help fund in addition to donating to the WVSOM Foundation and offsetting in-state tuition. That is Mako's ultimate goal. If someone is willing to sacrifice so much of their life to go to medical school then the community should take more of a vested interest."

Price is hoping that Mako can help draw more attention, and possibly more contributions and support from other companies in surrounding states, to WVSOM.

"WVSOM is making a huge impact in the local community so we want to gain support and continue to support this school because it is in line with our cause," he said.

Heather Antolini, director of institutional development at WVSOM, said it is always exciting when a new business makes a commitment to support the school.

"Mako Medical Laboratories is an award-winning leader in the health care industry, and one of the fastest growing companies in the eastern United States. They are especially known for their commitment to making a difference through giving back," she said. "As they expand their reach into West Virginia, we are excited that they have chosen to give to WVSOM as our newest Annual Fund Partner. We are pleased to welcome them as a part of our team, and hope that they will be actively involved in the continued growth of the WVSOM Foundation."

Date Added: 
Monday, January 7, 2019