Alumni Association’s annual Mid-Winter Osteopathic Seminar wrap up

The WVSOM Alumni Association’s annual Mid-Winter Osteopathic Seminar took place in the recently renovated Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center. The new space provided a fresh change for alumni, speakers, residents and students who attended the event Jan. 25-27.

A total of 337 people attended the seminar which included 14 continuing medical education sessions with topics regarding addiction, pain management and opioids on the last day of the seminar. The presentations were co-sponsored by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources and WVSOM’s Southeastern Area Health Education Center and satisfied drug training the West Virginia Board of Osteopathic Medicine requires of physicians.

Other lectures addressed medical topics such as emergency pediatric burn care; clinical oral pathology and oral medicine; guidelines to the well-woman’s exam and female cancers; resuscitation; stroke care; functional medicine in primary care; opioid use disorder; cardiovascular fitness and nutrition; new drugs; boundary considerations in clinical settings; and an osteopathic approach to hip pain.

Seminar presenters were: Debbie Harrell, RN; Richard Marshall, DDS; Joni Canby, D.O.; Scott Taylor, D.O.; Cynthia Keely, B.A.; Barbara McKee, RN; James Harman, D.O.; Aunna Herbst, D.O.; Elizabeth Nelson, M.D.; Robert Pepper, D.O.; Megan Elavsky, Pharm.D.; Chris Terpening, Ph.D., Pharm.D.; Machelle Linsenmeyer, Ed.D.; Leslie Buchanan, D.O.; Tom Gibbs, D.O.; Andy Thymius, D.O.; and Kelly Dunavant, D.O.

The seminar’s Alumni Luncheon/Annual Meeting included a message by WVSOM President James W. Nemitz, Ph.D., regarding the “Living Our Mission” campaign. He reiterated the yearlong focus for the WVSOM community to celebrate three themes that include “honoring our heritage, living our mission and engaging our future.” Nemitz explained that the “Living Our Mission” initiative encourages students, faculty, staff and alumni to immerse themselves in community service projects and share the work they are doing throughout the state.

Alumni Tower campaign ends, winners announced

The WVSOM Alumni Association ended its ongoing Alumni Tower campaign in 2018. The campaign began as an all-class challenge seeking financial support from alumni to reach a goal of $250,000 in order to offset the purchase of the tower on the WVSOM Student Center. Alumni were encouraged to support the campaign in order to free funds that could instead be used to increase the Alumni Association’s ability to provide scholarships and programs to WVSOM students and enhance students’ medical training.

During the luncheon, the Alumni Tower Class Challenge winners were announced. The class whose donations totaled the highest and the class with the highest percentage of donors will receive a bench to be placed on the WVSOM campus. The Class of 1979 won both categories, with 100 percent participation and a total of $14,022. The first runner-up was the Class of 1997, which raised $12,458. The second runner-up was the Class of 1982, which raised $9,950.

MSOPTI research posters recognized during seminar

Medical residents and WVSOM students presented 60 posters at the Mountain State Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training Institutions (MSOPTI) Research Day Poster Competition during the Mid-Winter Osteopathic Seminar.

Lance Ridpath, coordinator of institutional research, announced poster winners during the alumni luncheon on Jan. 26. Individuals were recognized in research and case study categories, with a “people’s choice” award also named. The winners were:

Student research category:

  • First place — Brandy Sweeney, OMS III, and Rachal Crum, D.O., OGME II. “Improving the Rate of Compliance With ACCF/AHA/HFSA Guidelines Regarding Angiotensin Receptor-Neprilysin Inhibitor (ANRI) Use in Patients With Heart Failure and Reduced EF (HFrEF)”
  • Second place — Laura McCourt, OMS IV, Kaitlin McDade, OMS IV, and David Moore, OMS IV. “Evaluation of Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair Complications in Patients with Elevated Body Mass Index”
  • Third place — Kevin Hennenhoefer, D.O., PGY III; Monika Marcinkevicius, OMS III; and Crissandra Digges, OMS III. “Effect of Lymphatic Pump Technique on the Pathogenesis and Management of Experimentally-Induced Psoriasis in Rodents”

Student case study category:

  • First place — Kaitlin McDade, OMS IV. “Atypical Presentation of Primary Osteosarcoma in an Adult Patient in the Absence of Risk Factors”
  • Second place — Robert D. Mullin, OMS III; Madeline G. Parson, OMS III; Jeremy J. Adams, D.O.; and Michael J. Tranovich, D.O. “Cotton Fever: A Sepsis Mimicker in Intravenous Drug Users”
  • Third place — Madelin G. Parson, OMS III; Adam C. Heinemann, D.O.; Robert D. Mullin, OMS III; and Michael J. Tranovich, D.O. “Follow-Up of a Complicated Case of Cocaine-Associated Levamisole Vasculitis”

Student “people’s choice” category:

  • Dahnish Valiani, OMS III, and Ameer Quadri, OMS III. “Neuroblastoma: Advances in Understanding and Therapies”

Resident research category:

  • First place — Rachal Crum, D.O., OGME II; Brandy Sweeney, OMS III; and Emily Thomas, D.O. “Improving the Rate of Compliance With ACCF/AHA Guidelines: ICD Placement With Heart Failure and Reduced EF (HFrEF)”
  • Second place — Kristin Black, D.O., PGY III; S. Whitney Courtney, D.O.; Eric Radcliffe, M.D.; and Lauren Cronise, OMS III. “Improving Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment Curriculum Through Procedure Based Learning Within a Family Medicine Continuity Clinic: A Quality Improvement Project”
  • Third place — Jeffrey Lin, D.O.; Kasey Radicic, D.O.; and Lyndie Wilkins, OMS III. “Reducing Delirium in the Intensive Care Unit via Education”

Resident case study category:

  • First place — Ryan Newell, D.O.; Adrienne Fratczak, D.O., PGY I; and Matthew Fratczak, D.O., PGY I. “A Plant-Based Medical Approach to Chronic Disease”
  • Second place — Jeffrey Lin, D.O., and Simona Ioja, M.D. “Primary Adrenal Insufficiency as a Presentation of Stage IV Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma”
  • Third place — Kacey Radicic, D.O.; Joe Ciszewski, D.O.; and Daniel Suders, D.O. “Facial and Intestinal Angioedema With ACE Inhibitor”

Resident “people’s choice” category:

  • Research — Chelsea Feger, D.O., OGME II; Rachal Crum, D.O., OGME II; and Seth Larson, D.O., OGME III. “Thriveasaurus: A Program on Life Coping Skills”
  • Case study — Cody K. Grace and Zachary K. Hamilton. “What? Shocked?”

At the end of the luncheon, Robert B. Holstein, D.O., Class of 1979, was named the 2019 Distinguished Alumni of the Year for his continuous dedication and support of the Alumni Association and WVSOM.  


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Thursday, February 7, 2019