We would like you meet Cheryl Baker

Executive Administrative Assistant and Board of Governors Liaison for the President’s Office

How long have you worked at WVSOM?

For 43 years. I began Nov. 18, 1974, when WVSOM was the Greenbrier College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Where are you originally from?

Durbin, W.Va.  (Pocahontas County)

What is your favorite spot on campus?

The front porch of the main building. I’m partial to the main building since I’ve worked in it from the beginning of my employment. I have enjoyed sitting on the front porch on break or at lunch with co-workers, solving all of the world’s problems.

What is your favorite memory at WVSOM?

I can’t think of just one, but to have been a part of WVSOM’s growth and see the many changes take place on campus — the beautiful buildings constructed and the growth within the program — is a wonderful feeling. I have worked with the best of the best — from presidents to staff.

What is it about WVSOM that made you want to work here so long?

I’ve stayed so long because I’m happy in my job. There were changes with each new president so the job would vary to some extent, but I didn’t feel that I was doing the same work all the time. WVSOM is an ideal place to work with great benefits and I wanted to stay close to family.

Tell us something we may not know about you or an interesting fact. 

I didn’t know what an osteopathic physician was when  I applied for a job in 1974. I looked it up so I could at least sound a little informed. Dr. Roland Sharp had always been our family physician in Pocahontas County, but I had no clue he was an osteopathic physician. He was just “Dr. Sharp.”

Cheryl Baker Tidbits:

  • Has worked with every WVSOM president since the school’s inception
  • Her son, Kevin, was born on graduation day in 1985. Obviously, she didn’t attend graduation that year!
  • Has taken minutes at approximately 100 Board of Governors meetings, and still uses shorthand in taking minutes
  • Her first job at WVSOM was in the admissions department


Date Added: 
Wednesday, June 20, 2018