WVSOM students, faculty receive scholarships at Spring Awards ceremony

The West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine (WVSOM) recognized medical students for their academic and community achievements during the annual Spring Awards ceremony.

WVSOM employees were also recognized by students for their commitment to helping educate future physicians. This year’s event, which took place March 21, offered recipients a total of $158,500 through 27 scholarships and certificates of appreciation.

Student scholarships and awards were:

The Roland P. Sharp President’s Award and Foundation Award of Excellence for Student Achievement is given to a student based on academic performance, osteopathic professional interest, leadership and citizenship to a first-year student. This year’s winner was Chris Gauthier.  

WVSOM Alumni Association Scholarships were given to two students who exemplify scholarship, osteopathic professional interest, leadership and citizenship. The winners were Reina Lopez and Vincent Morra

The Greenbrier Military School Alumni Association Scholarship is presented to two students who excel academically and show strong leadership, determination and discipline. This year’s recipients were Jubel Puthusseril and Evan Tyree.

The Fredric W. Smith Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student completing his or her first year of medical school. The student must plan to practice family medicine and have a strong interest in the school and community. The winner was Natan Harel.  

The Cheryl and Michael Adelman WVSOM Leadership Scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated character and leadership during their time at WVSOM and who have the potential to be future leaders in the osteopathic profession. John Apgar, Ethan Stephens, Reina Lopez and Loc Tran were this year’s recipients.

The Dr. William B. Mullen and Jennifer White Scholarship was created in recognition of Dr. William B. Mullen of Logan, W.Va., who cared for patient, Jennifer White, who passed away in 2011. Megan Farley, Joshua Botkin and Haven (Clay) Price were the scholarship recipients.

Nine WVSOM students received recognition for BrickStreet Scholarships donated by the BrickStreet Foundation. This year’s scholarship recipients were Megan Farley, Jordan Allen, Lucas Goodwin, Hannah Economos (Young), Danielle Stankus, Zane Dennison, Ashley Blake, Trey Furby and Karlee Moyer.  

The James R. Stookey, D.O., Manipulative Medicine Scholarship was formed in honor of James Stookey, vice president for academic affairs and dean from 1988 to 2002. The scholarship is given to a student who has demonstrated proficiency in manipulative medicine. This year the scholarship was awarded to Nicholas Bowers.

The MOSS Scholarships are in honor of the late Marlene Wager, D.O., and are presented to students who are not West Virginia residents. This year, 16 students received the scholarship. They were Amanda Byers, Zachary Dickman, Kelsi Evans, Heather Farr, Caleb Glover, Tyler Glover, Daniel Guzman, Stephanie Haddad, Kathleen Herman, Joshua McDonald, Nicholas Ralston, Obaid Rehman, Jose Roberts, Jordan Smith, Anthony Strobolakos and Steven Veselsky.

The Marlene Wager 10-Fingered OPP Scholarship was created by the Osteopathic Principles and Practice (OPP) department in 2008 to recognize a second-year student with outstanding skills in osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT). Candidates are nominated and voted by classmates. The winner has his or her name engraved on a plaque that is displayed in the osteopathic clinical skills lab. This year’s recipient was Vincent Morra.  

The Paul Kleman, D.O., Family Practice Student Award recognizes a student who plans to use osteopathic manipulation in treatment of their patients and is willing to instill the importance of osteopathic principles and practice in the next generation of WVSOM students. Allison Daniel received this year’s award.

The WVSOM Family Practice Scholarship is awarded to a second-year West Virginia resident who has intentions of practicing family medicine upon graduation. The scholarship was awarded to Kelsey Scott.

The Ronald P. Billips Memorial Scholarship was formed by a 2002 WVSOM graduate to honor his friend and classmate killed in a car accident. The award is given to a first-year student who is a graduate of Big Creek, Iaeger, Mount View, Princeton or Bluefield high schools in West Virginia or Graham, Tazewell, Richlands or Pocahontas high schools in Virginia. This year the award went to Daniel Williamson.

The Randy Dailey Memorial Award, which is given to a second-year student from West Virginia who demonstrates a commitment to academic excellence and service, was awarded to Madonna Gribble.

The Loretta Moore Memorial Award recipient is chosen by first-year students to a classmate who has overcome obstacles in order to succeed. Jose Roberts was this year’s recipient.

The Samantha Ketchem Muncy Primary Care Memorial Scholarship was formed to honor Muncy, a student killed in a car accident. The scholarship is awarded to a third-year medical student from Barbour, McDowell, Taylor, Preston or Harrison counties in West Virginia who plans to remain in the state to practice in a primary care specialty. This year’s scholarship recipient was Ondrea Moore.  

WVSOM’s Diversity Task Force – Eva Teter Hammer Award is given to a student who demonstrates an interest in osteopathic medicine and eliminating the inequities of individuals. Amanda Buzzetta was recognized this year.

The West Virginia Emulation Endowment Trust/Dr. Olen E. Jones Jr. Scholarship was established in 2016 and named after Olen E. Jones Jr., Ph.D., who served as president of WVSOM from 1987 to 2009. The scholarship is awarded to West Virginia students based on literary and scholastic attainments, morality, leadership and physical vigor. This year’s scholarship recipients were Ashley Blake and Amanda Johns.

The Student D.O. of the Year award acknowledges a student’s commitment to his or her school, community and the osteopathic profession. This year’s recipient was Ashley Rubin.

The U.S. Public Health Service Excellence in Public Health Award is given to a student who has developed and implemented a program advancing the overarching goals and achieving the objects of Health People 2020. The student has also developed and implemented a program that addresses the priorities of the National Prevention Strategy. This year’s recipient was Rohini Singh.

The Student Government Association Leadership Scholarship is presented to first-, second- and third-year students who have mentored fellow students, shared their own resources to facilitate the learning of others, have founded clubs or organized events and have brought students together in new and creative ways. The recipients were first place Chris Gauthier, second place Optimum Robinson and third place Chloe Saba (Class of 2021); first place Paige Harry, second place Mariam Gheissari and third place Lucy Chisler (Class of 2020); first place Lisa Smith, second place Philip Su and third place Anna Malysz (Class of 2019).

The Student Government Association Student Character Scholarship is presented to first-, second- and third-year students who possess and demonstrate characteristics that may sometimes go generally unnoticed but are noted by peers. This year’s recipients were Noah Jordan, Caroline Gormley and Benjamin Kastenbauer (Class of 2021); JessieAnn Flowers, Alaric Gee and Amanda Connolly (Class of 2020); and Ashley Rubin, Sepeedeh Araghiniknam and Philip Su (Class of 2019).

The Community Outreach and Relief Effort (C.O.R.E.) recognized members for their service. This year, six students received the honor. They were Raji Akileh, Joshua Fleming, Samantha Nibert, Kayle Smith, Zachary Tilley and Patricia Wilt.

The Fredric W. Smith Community Service Award recognizes a campus organization or club that demonstrates a commitment to the Lewisburg community, the WVSOM community and classmates. The Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA) was given this year’s recognition.

WVSOM President Michael Adelman made a Special Award Presentation to Student Government Association President Reina Lopez and Vice President Loc Tran. The award recognizes service and leadership to WVSOM and the student body.

WVSOM faculty and staff who were recognized by students were:

The Osteopathic Principles and Practice (OPP) Integration Teaching Awards are given to faculty members recognized for their efforts in teaching, as well as those who have excelled in integrating OPP in their classes. This year’s winners were Abigail Frank, D.O. (clinical science), Rebecca Scopa Kelso, Ph.D. (biomedical science), and Jim Wright, D.O. (adjunct clinical science preceptor).

The Atlas Club Golden Key Awards are given to a biomedical science faculty member and clinical science faculty member selected by students. This year’s recipients were Tuoen Liu, M.D., Ph.D., and Jeremy Proctor, D.O.

The Student Government Association Appreciation Recognition is given to employees by SGA members for their work and support on behalf of medical students. This year’s recipients were David Webb, M.D., Jandy Hanna, Ph.D., Elizabeth Ziner, D.O., Robert Pepper, D.O., Georgette Morton and Belinda Evans.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018