City National Bank supports WVSOM

There is often a symbiotic relationship between businesses and organizations in small communities — for one to thrive there needs to be support from another.

For decades, local businesses in Greenbrier County have provided not only support to WVSOM but also financial assistance that has helped medical students with tuition, student club efforts to go on mission trips and campus building campaigns.

A loyal supporter since the 1980s, City National Bank has contributed nearly $32,000 to WVSOM, with the largest single donation of more than $10,000.

"Supporting local organizations that enhance the communities where our customers and employees live and work is paramount at City," Barbara Phillips, retail region manager, first vice president of City National Bank, said of the bank's desire to support the medical school. "WVSOM is an integral part of the Lewisburg area economy, and it draws in bright young people to experience the beauty and culture of our region and contribute their own time and talent to the community. We're proud to have this important, accomplished institution right here in our backyard, and we're happy to be able to support its success."

Phillips said it is easy to see how medical students — during their brief two years in Lewisburg — give their time to community events, festivals and nonprofits.

"I've seen students giving their time and talent to support our area. I'm especially thankful for the students who help with the recycling effort at Taste of Our Town, a local event that City is passionate about supporting. The Student Government Association does a great job helping lead the community service effort, and the alumni set a wonderful example through their local involvement," she said.

"City's decision to support various programs and activities at WVSOM goes back to our belief in the positive impact of this institution on our area and state. City is a West Virginia company, and it's important to us to see other West Virginia businesses and organizations thrive," she said. "We want to support the staff, students and alumni at WVSOM to contribute to the long-term success of this valuable local institution."

The bank has donated funds to the WVSOM PAX Club's mission trip, another club's 10K race and the alumni center building fund. Most recently, City National Bank made a generous donation to the WVSOM Foundation's Annual Fund.

This support is significant for the foundation's efforts, said Heather Antolini, director of institutional development at WVSOM.

"Corporate support is incredibly important to our work and generous businesses like City National Bank have the opportunity to enhance the student experience through scholarships with our upcoming 20/20 Vision Campaign; they can support the physical environment through our capital campaign; and equally important, they can participate as loyal and consistent donors to our annual fund."

The reason for the connection makes sense. Both businesses care about the community and the citizens of the state of West Virginia, Phillips explained. Witnessing students who are willing to immerse themselves in local communities makes it easy for businesses to support WVSOM.