WVSOM, Greenbrier East High School enter partnership

The West Virginia School of Osteopathic (WVSOM) and Greenbrier East High School have partnered to allow high school students the opportunity to advance their interest in health and life science through coordinated use of the medical school's facilities and programs.

The partnership was announced at the Greenbrier County Board of Education's meeting on March 8. The collaboration states that WVSOM will support the development of Greenbrier East High School as a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) school. The high school is currently in Phase 1 of the STEM program (engineering) and next year will enter Phase 2, which consists of life science and health sciences.

Jeff Bryant, Greenbrier East High School principal, said the partnership developed in a natural way, from conversations with medical students visiting the high school.

"I just want to express how honored and privileged we are to be part of your great school," Bryant told WVSOM's President Dr. Michael Adelman at the meeting. "When you get to the O-school you realize the immense programs going on. On the surface you think, 'well they're creating doctors,' but when you get there and you start hearing about all the programs — it's pretty overwhelming and amazing."

Adelman shared the enthusiasm of the collaboration.

"We just want to congratulate Greenbrier East for becoming one of five STEM schools recognized in the state of West Virginia, and for it to be in our own community — that's amazing," he shared. "What an opportunity for the high school, WVSOM and the community. It shows the quality of students being produced from the high school. Everyone should be proud of that and we are honored to be your partner."

The partnership will provides high school students and teachers opportunities to experience real-life application through state-of-the-art facilities and staff at WVSOM on the cutting edge of health services, said Debbie White, director or secondary education who also helped coordinate the partnership.