The 5 for 5 Campaign

The 5 for 5 Campaign raises funds to provide additional resources for cutting-edge technology, such as human subject robots, continuing medical education programs, academic achievement awards, research grants, guest lecturers, scholarships, faculty development, and other educational purposes.

These dedicated funds are vital and needed to maintain WVSOM's ranking as one of America's top medical schools and a national leader in rural medicine.

$500 Per Year for Five Years

The "5 For 5 Campaign" asks each donor to contribute at least $500 a year for the next 5 years or to give the whole gift ($2,500) as a single contribution.

Donors Immortalized on the Giving Tree

Donors who fulfill their commitment are recognized on the Donor Tree.

The Donor Tree is located in the new Technology & Rural Medicine Building where it is seen by students everyday as they attend classes and by all visitors to the campus as they pass through the new building.

Donors will be recognized on a leaf, acorn, or foundation rock based on the following levels of giving:

  • $2,500 - An engraved leaf with customized inscription*
  • $10,000 - An engraved acorn with customized inscription*
  • $25,000 An engraved foundation rock with customized inscription*

*Customized inscriptions are limited to 3 lines of engraving.

Pledge Now

Contributions to the 5 for 5 Campaign can be made using our convenient Pledge Form:

Special Thanks to Drs. Cheryl & Michael Adelman

The Donor Tree is a gift to the WVSOM Foundation from Drs. Cheryl and Michael Adelman and is intended to recognize donors when they complete their chosen level of giving to the 5 for 5 Campaign.