WVSOM has outstanding academic personnel to design, administer, and teach all phases of our curriculum including 23* full-time, tenured, tenure-track or non-tenured faculty in the Department of Biomedical Sciences; 32* tenured, tenure-track or non-tenured faculty members in the Department of Clinical Sciences; 9* tenured or tenure-track faculty members (all D.O.s) who are Board Certified in OMM, NMM, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, and/or Family Medicine/OMT. 


WVSOM is leading the charge to elevate community-based services to a more prominent position in our nation’s health care system.The medical students are the top priority at West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. Our rigorous program produces well-trained doctors who are dedicated, disciplined and committed to being the best physicians by the books and by the bedside.

Academic Support

Success requires hard work and dedication, especially in the rigorous academic climate of medical school. Often first year medical students come to WVSOM without a clear understanding of the difficulty of the curriculum and the effort it takes to keep up with such a rigorous pace. As a result, students can quickly fall behind. For most students, studying in medical school is going to require learning new study skills and improving upon existing ones.

Statewide Campus

The Statewide Campus system at the West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine consists of seven regions across the state where third- and fourth-year medical students fulfill their clinical rotations in participating West Virginia hospitals. The system is geared toward an enhanced curriculum that encourages students who become physicians to practice in West Virginia.