What is the WVSOM Emergency Messaging System (WVSOM ALERT)?

WVSOM Alert is one of several elements of the WVSOM Emergency Notification System. The WVSOM Alert system allows WVSOM to quickly communicate health and safety-related information through a combination of various communication methods. In the event that information needs to be communicated to students and staff immediately, WVSOM will use several information delivery methods to make sure the pertinent information reaches you.

WVSOM Alert will be used solely for the purpose of alerting the WVSOM community in an emergency. These emergency notices can be delivered via phone calls, text messages to mobile devices, and e-mail. All students, faculty and staff can manage their own contact information and choose the contact method(s) that they prefer.

Please note that emergency notifications will be limited to those concerning health and safety concerns for WVSOM students, faculty or staff; or disruption of normal school functions due to severe weather, crime or other concerns. These notices are also limited to situations or events within the boundaries of the main WVSOM campus in Lewisburg, WV.

If an emergency occurs, the emergency management operations team, in consultation with the senior administration will determine the need for a WVSOM Alert message.

The Emergency Notification System will communicate and dispense important information for:

  • situations threatening the safety and security of our campus
  • campus closures due to emergency situations threatening the safety and security of our campus
  • class cancellations due severe weather

What is e2campus?

WVSOM has contracted with e2Campus Omnilert, LLC emergency notification system. E2Campus is a fully web-based emergency notification network that allows users to self-administer and manage time – sensitive communications to students, faculty, staff, campus security, first responders, and others. These notifications will be broadcast by text messaging, voice mail, and e-mail.

Omnilert, LLC is the provider of the WVSOM mass notification system.

What is SMS messaging?

SMS is an acronym for Short Message Service, a system for sending short text messages to devices such as cellular phones. Commonly referred to as "text messaging" or "texting", SMS messaging is a fast, robust, and reliable means of communicating information quickly. SMS messaging put less load on cellular circuits than voice communication, and allows near-instantaneous dissemination of important information.

Is there a Cost to me?

Depending on your wireless service provider and your wireless plan, you may be charged a fee for receiving Short Message Service (SMS) text messages. If you have an unlimited text messaging plan, there is no additional charge.

Will I receive "Spam" on my mobile phone or email account?

No. You will only receive messages that you signed up to receive.

How will I receive WVSOM alert messages?

You will receive WVSOM Alert messages using the following possible contact methods:

  • Message to your cell phone
  • Text message to your cell phone
  • E-mail to your WVSOM email account
  • E-mail to your personal email account
  • Call to your office phone
  • Call to your home phone

How do I sign up?

Students, faculty and staff can sign up by clicking HERE.

  1. Log onto WVSOM Alert using your Username and Password
  2. You will be taken to a registration page.
  3. Create a username and password (you can use the same username and password that you use for your WVSOM accounts); name; mobile phone(txt); carrier, and groups.
  4. Click Create Account
  5. You will then receive a message; you must follow the instructions given in order to verify your account. 

Do I need an app or software installed in my phone?

No. This service uses industry standard SMS text messaging to send messages to your phone. Your mobile phone plan will need to be able to accept text messages to work properly.

Who should I contact if I have questions, comments or concerns?

Any questions, comments, and/or concerns about the WVSOM Emergency Notification System should be directed to:

Stella Dodrill​
(304) 647-6310

Can my spouse/parents/significant other sign up?

At the present time, only current WVSOM students, faculty, staff and affiliates may participate in the WVSOM Alert Emergency Notification system. However, notification for third parties is something the WVSOM Emergency Management Policy Team is looking into for the future.

What might an alert message say?

In an actual emergency, you will receive information regarding the situation with instructions on what to do. Here are a few sample messages you may receive:

  • ACT OF VIOLENCE REPORTED on the WVSOM campus (campus location will be added). Campus closed; Go/remain indoors, lock all doors/windows, stay away from windows, do not open locked doors for anyone. Await further message.
  • A BOMB THREAT has been reported at (building name), on the WVSOM campus. Check your work area for suspicious items-report any found to Campus Security at 304 647-8911 and EVACUATE to the assembly area. Await additional info.
  • There is a POLICE EMERGENCY on the WVSOM campus (campus location); building or campus is closed. Go or remain indoors and await further information.

How will I know the message is from WVSOM?

The message sender will appear as follows:

 From: WVSOM e2Campus

Do I confirm receipt of the message? What happens if I don't?

Though receipt confirmation is not required, it is preferable for you to do so if at all possible if you are asked to do so. When you confirm that you have received the message, you free up system resources to contact other members of the WVOSM community who may not have gotten the message yet. In an emergency this will save valuable time – and, possibly, lives.

Does WVSOM test the alert system?

Yes. WVSOM will test the WVSOM Alert System at least once per semester. The campus community will be notified in advance when a test of the system is scheduled to take place.

How long is my contact information retained? What happens to my information when I leave WVSOM?

Faculty and staff information will be deleted upon separation from WVSOM, unless an affiliate status is established by the President. Student information is deleted thirty days following that last day of enrollment.