Safety and Security

The Vice President for Finance and Facilities serves as the Security Coordinator and oversees all security related activities on campus. Concerns regarding security should be directed to the Vice President for Finance and Facilities office at 304-647-6310 or via email:

WVSOM contracts with the West Virginia State Police (WVSP) to provide 24/7 security services for the campus and the Robert C. Byrd Clinic. These services include campus-wide car and foot patrols and response to requests for assistance.

Those in need of assistance may contact the WVSOM security office, located at A-216 Main Building, either by phone or text message at (304) 647-8911.

Emergency Response Manual

The WVSOM Emergency Response Manual is available for download.

Bloodborne Pathogens Guidelines and Exposure Control Plan

Infectious Medical Waste Management Plan

Respiratory Protection Program

WVSOM Alert System

The WVSOM Alert system allows WVSOM to quickly communicate health and safety-related information through a combination of various communication methods.

The Emergency Notification System will communicate and dispense important information for:

  • situations threatening the safety and security of our campus;
  • campus closures due to emergency situations threatening the safety and security of our campus;
  • class cancellations due severe weather.

For more information about the WVSOM Alert System read the WVSOM Alert FAQ:

Emergency Contact Phone Numbers

Use the following phone numbers to call for assistance on campus:

  • (304) 647 - 8911: WVSOM Security Phone
  • 9 - 911: Greenbrier County 911 from campus phone
  • 911 - Greenbrier County 911 from outside or cell phone

Exterior Emergency Phones

Exterior Emergency Phones are located in the parking areas and outside buildings around campus. In an emergency, just pick-up the handset and it will automatically connect to the local 911 dispatch center.

Crime Statistics

The Office of Postsecondary Education of the U.S. Department of Education provides a report detailing crime statistics for all colleges and universities in the United States via their Campus Safety and Security Data Analysis Tool.

This report will provide you with crime statistics data for WVSOM. You can view WVSOM's last three years of safety-and security-related statistical data, along with general information about the campus.

Clery Fire & Safety Report

Vehicle Accident Packet

MSDS Search

Safety & Security Meeting Minutes

WVSOM's Safety & Security committee meeting minutes are provided as a service to the community. Minutes are posted as they are approved.




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For additional information, please contact the Office of Campus Safety: (304) 793-6812