Recruitment and Retention

The Office of Rural Recruitment and Retention (RRR) was established in 1998 to coordinate and enhance the institution's ongoing efforts to retain WVSOM trained osteopathic physicians in the state.

The office works closely with all departments in the institution, especially with the Admissions and Alumni Offices, to coordinate WVSOM's recruitment and retention efforts.

The RRR Office also works with state initiatives, such as the WVRHEP and WVRHAP programs, and WVSOM's postgraduate training programs through the Mountain State OPTI as part of a comprehensive approach to providing osteopathic physicians for rural West Virginia.


The RRR Office provides the following services to WVSOM medical students and graduates:

  • information on financial incentive programs and practice opportunities; assistance with job placement; and
  • career counseling, especially in the area of postgraduate training

Contact Information

Janet Hinton, MS
Director of Rural Outreach
(304) 793-6887 
(800) 356-7836, ext. 6887