Media Services

The Media Services Department provides dependable and professional audio/visual support for the WVSOM campus classrooms, laboratories and other teaching spaces to enable the students, faculty and staff to fulfill the educational mission of the institution.

The department offers photography, video production and academic graphics support. It is also provides sound and video for graduation, convocation, and other special events on campus, and is involved in distance learning applications for WVSOM's Statewide Campus and graduate medical education programs.

Requesting Service

Requests for Media Services support are made using our online form.


Mike Fowler
Interim Director Media Service
(304) 793-6869

Jonah Bowen
Media Production Manager
Ext. 6894
(304) 920-7055

Jeff Cobb
Media Specialist
Ext. 6234
(304) 646-8680

Paul Jacoby
Ext. 6837

Kyle Jones
Media Specialist
Ext. 6262
(304) 992-1233

Lisa Morgan
Administrative Secretary Senior
Ext. 6897
(304) 667-1433

Jan Kessler
Infomation Systems Specialist
Ext. 6386
(304) 520-7426