Photo of Ken Miller

Ken Miller
Network Manager


The network infrastructure at WVSOM was revamped in 2011 to provide a 20 gigabyte fiber connection to the distribution closets and 1 gigabyte to the desktop in a fully redundant and diverse topology. WVSOM maintains Wide Area Network connections on two diverse paths that provide 300 Mb each of bandwidth to the Internet. The WVSOM network is registered with ARIN and uses Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) to fully utilize both Internet Service Providers (ISP) concurrently.

Our network staff is responsible for managing the overall traffic of the network, prioritizing the most critical applications servicing the campus and monitoring the proper usage related to Peer to Peer networks and prevention of copyright infringement downloads. These responsibilities adhere to those outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy of WVSOM information technology resources.

Access across the WVSOM network utilizes several VLANS that rely on Active Directory (AD) groups for privileges to the various IT resources. Security of the network is enhanced by these VLANs and the AD logins used by faculty, staff, and students. This security frame is used by the wired and wireless portions of the network. As users log in, determinations are made for their appropriate VLAN and the associated security privileges.

The wireless infrastructure broadcasts the following connections:

  • WVSOM_Guest Used by guests and non-WVSOM owned devices. Guests will be prompted to self-register, employees and students will use their AD login.
  • WVSOM_Student Used by students based on their AD login
  • WVSOM_Faculty Used by faculty and staff based on their AD login

For additional assistance in accessing the wireless network, please refer to the following documentation: