Photo: Tabatha Pack


Tabatha Pack
DBA/SQL Developer Senior 


The WVSOM SIS or Student Information System of choice is Banner by Ellucian.  Banner is one of the world’s leading ERP systems designed specifically for Higher Education.  ERP is short for Enterprise Resource Planning and is defined as a business process management software.  The Banner enterprise management software allows for highly integrated applications across departments to organize business processes and automate many tasks that previously required manual attention.  Banner is comprised of two primary components including a self-service module and an administrative module.

Self Service Banner (SSB) is used by Students, Faculty, and Staff to maintain personal information, contact information, and billing information.  Self Service Banner can be used by students for Financial Aid and payment of tuition.  Faculty and staff are able to submit Requisitions for approval by management.  SSB also allows departments to dynamically query their budgets based on the funding source or specific accounting string.

The WVSOM Development team works diligently to provide custom applications and reports to meet the needs of Faculty, Staff, and Students.  Most of the custom applications are available from two primary locations.

                *Banner INB

Banner INB provides secure Administrative access to our primary database of information.  This system is incredibly integrated across several departments.  Daily tasks such as data entry and information processing occur in the Banner INB system for departments including HR, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Financial Aid, Admissions and more.  Custom reports are created by the development team for Banner to assist personnel with efficient data analysis, business process analysis & improvement, reconciliation, and statistical research.

In addition to the Banner INB system WVSOM has multiple custom applications built specifically for the site.  After logging into this site a list of the custom applications and reports for which end users have access are automatically populated and sorted by category.  Custom development exists here for areas such as Statewide Campus, Clinical Education, Student Rotations, Admissions, and Preceptor Evaluations.  Specific information such as student grades are integrated back into the Banner database as the official system of record.

Along with custom applications and reporting, the Development Team also provides custom interfaces.  These are designed and created to work with 3rd party systems such as WebAdMIT and wvOasis.  This allows WVSOM to securely send and receive sensitive information such as Applicant data, Invoice data, and Payroll information to and from WVSOM databases with the external 3rd party systems.

We strive to provide efficient solutions for WVSOM business needs in the ever changing landscape of Technology.  Whether it is web-based, mobile, integration with other systems, or the next big thing we are excited to share the journey with you.