WVSOM Center for Rural and Community Health (CRCH)

The WVSOM Center for Rural and Community Health (CRCH) is a resource center designed to help improve the health and lifestyle of West Virginians.

Professionals and community members work together toward improving the state's health profile through research, education and outreach opportunities.

The general public, health professionals, schools, businesses and health care organizations can all get health information, training, programs and services through the WVSOM Center for Rural and Community Health.

The CRCH Mission

The WVSOM Center for Rural and Community Health will improve health care, lifestyle and chronic disease management among individuals and families throughout rural West Virginia through translational research, education and outreach programs focused on social, environmental and behavior.

Programs & Services

CRCH offers programs and services for individuals, communities, and professionals.

  • Learn about programs and services that can be beneficial to your health or the health of a loved one. Learn more now —»
  • Find out what is available in your own neighborhood that may help you or a family member become healthier. Learn more now —»
  • Continuing education opportunities, conferences, workshops and other health promotion events are nearby. You can also find a community health worker that can assist you in your practice or with your professional health promotion efforts.